First Post In Many Weeks

So much to do, so little time. This will be the first weekend since April that there has been no band outing (So far as I know). The depression is a bit testy, but that bullshit is getting really old. Think I'll ignore it for a couple of days. So I get to spend a weekend with the wife, and not have -- Read more [...]
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How To Tell If You’ve Been Practicing Bass Too Much

Let's see…Callouses on left hand fingertips the size of ping-pong balls? Check… Left hand clenched in a painful claw that will not relax? Check… Thumb, index, and middle finger on right hand blood blistered and/or bleeding? (Time to look into using a plectrum.) Check… Everything -- Read more [...]
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FXpansion DCAM Dynamics Rack Extension Bundle for Propellerhead Reason

I recently had the good fortune to acquire the FXpansion DCAM Dynamics Rack Extension Bundle for Propellerhead Reason. A very good investment. -- Read more [...]
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Yay, Upgrading To Reason 7!

Feel like a kid at Christmas. The very first thing I did before even downloading R7 was to back up my homemade stuff from the .../Applications/Reason folder. Anything that you yourself have created...presets, songs, combinators, anything, if it is left in the Reason folder it will be overwritten during -- Read more [...]
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Imaginary Guitar Solo Bloviation

Required reading: Propellerhead Reason The Imaginary Guitar Solo guitar solo is a reversed recording of a guitar solo run through a Line 6 Pod Farm 2 Reason guitar amp inserted into an Audio Track in the Reason Rack. The particular settings for this guitar amp processor is a simulation called -- Read more [...]
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Remixing A Mix

Basically, I’m taking these old Reason songs and remixing them. Some of these files haven’t been touched in nearly four years. I’m talking before Reason/Record was a big deal. What, three years ago? -- Read more [...]
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Gratuitous Reason Fanboy Post

Don't know what Propellerhead Reason is? Well let's let them explain it at this link. Their product page will tell you everything you need to know better than I could. And if you scroll down there is a Soundcloud player with the Demo songs included with Reason. My personal favorite is the very first one, by Olivia Broadfield. -- Read more [...]
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My God, It’s Full Of Files!

I have a folder with 140.8GB of song files in it. Somebody told me to never throw anything away. I've tried to be as anal about that philosophy as I could but I've spent the better part of the last few days weeding and sorting. I'd like to get them backed up to an external drive and free up the space on the iMac harddrive -- Read more [...]
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AmpKit+ Tone

In my previous post I didn't say very much about tone. I've got a few presets that I've settled on. I was looking for something that had a nice crunchy sound that would still hold the dissonance of a minor chord. So many presets are just shrill buzzing noises suitable for only perfect fifths and octaves. -- Read more [...]
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AmpKit+ iOS

Spending a lot of time this morning redoing the file structure of my main, back-up-everything-Reason-to-a-folder. You know the one on your hard drive…that you back up to an external drive…which you hopefully back up to a second, seperate, external drive…for when your computer hard drive fails? -- Read more [...]
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