About Me

Back from the shadows again…

I am a self taught musician. After separating from military service I was tricked into becoming  bassist for a classic rock, blues, and originals band, all the while desperately trying to keep a day job. Sadly, this wonderful band finally fell apart after 14 years. To fill the void I began composing using computers, and my main outlet for musical expression soon became the computer. Health issues ultimately requiring spinal surgery put me out of action in 2012. But I’m now getting back on my feet, pun intended. I’m once again playing bass in a working band and I am so thankful for the opportunity to be working with talented musicians who are also good friends. I have good days, I have bad days. But making music with actual living beings is worth the pain.

What Reason?

I’ve been “composing” on Propellerhead Reason software for over a decade. I’ve been looking at this software as a compositional tool. I understand, and maybe I am wrong, that this view is not necessarily the correct way to approach Reason.

I’ve spent the last ten years learning Propellerhead Reason software and have become a devoted fanboy.You would think by now I’d know a little about it. But I realize how ignorant of the software I actually am. I compose cinematic and avant–garde music, and your basic orchestral stuff with some old style rock thrown in. Some of my stuff was described by [REDACTED]‘s girlfriend as “…heartless…” and “…lacking the warmth of a soul…” “…devoid of emotion…” Perhaps she was referring to the song “Makes Me Real Nervous” which was an experiment.

I’ve started this blog about all the neat stuff I’m learning about Reason. But I must apologize that it is not regularly updated.

Anyway, that’s about it…