About Me

I am a self taught Musician. Bassist in Classic Rock and Blues cover band for 14 years while desperately trying to keep a day job. Health issues put me out of action in 2012 but I’m once again playing bass in a working band.

Stenosis BoyI’ve been composing (yes, that’s right, composing) on Propellerhead Reason software for over a decade. I would think I know a little about it by now. But I realize how ignorant of the software I actually am. I’ve started a blog about all the neat stuff I need to learn about Reason. But I must apologize that it is not regularly updated.

Ten years using Propellerhead Reason software have made me a devoted fanboy. I compose quasi-cinematic and avant–garde music, and your basic orchestral stuff with some old style progressive rock thrown in. And while I am devoted to Propellerhead Reason as a tool for composition, I have recently become fascinated by where iOS applications are heading. There is a use for some of the sound design tools coming out for the iPad.Anyway, that’s about it…